in a town so small is all about going for walks. as more walks go on, other ones will end up here.

1. let love in – this was the first walk i blogged about. inspired by nick cave’s album of the same name.

2. angel meadow – a response – a reflection on some thoughts from my previous walk. interesting history bits.

3. autumnal reflections – thoughts about the season. some lovely photos of angel meadow once again.

4. back home – falling back in love with the city on return from south america.

5. observations – not a walk. quite self indulgent.

6. pictures in winter – minehead in december. faded light and faded glamor.

7. the dream – public art on a massive scale in st. helens. peace by the motorway.

8. down by the bay – a wander around cardiff bay. architecture and optical illusion art.

9. wrapped up in books – a final trip around manchester central library. a wonderful space.

10. the first days of spring – the days the sun came to manchester. all saints park and canal walking.

11. eurocultured + dot to dot in photos – two festivals in one day. photos of all the bands i saw.

12. dancing about architecture – forgotten architecture in bradford. another odeon at risk.

13. the department of forgotten songs – reflections on outdoor activities in manchester. city love.

14. the winter of mixed drinks – writings elsewhere about ale and architecture.

15. the sound of the underground – underground manchester. great experience, shame about the guide.

16. get out of the city, and into the sunshine – escaping the city. hills, pubs, chickens and a goat.

17. race for the prize – manchester blog award nomination. which is very nice.

18. wooden ships – big, old boats. a trip to portsmouth to see the historic dockyard.

19. number one – new build, with additional ‘art.’ the strange case of number one, first street, manchester.

20. farewell library walk – a tribute to my favourite street in manchester. it’s splendid curvature won’t be seen for two years.

21. in defence of the library – the first of my libraries week posts.

22. john rylands library, deansgate – a walk around one of, if not the most beautiful buildings in manchester. an inspiring place.

23. city library, manchester – manchester’s temporary library whilst the central library undergoes a massive facelift.

24. the librarian’s dress was a fawnish shade of grey – thoughts on being a librarian. i very nearly did follow this career path.

25. the portico library, manchester – a real hidden gem right in the centre of the city.

26. victory of ghosts – a look at the graveyards which is the origin princess street building site.

27. meet me in the garden – parsonage gardens, manchester city centre’s hidden green space. the city really lacks places like this.

28. sketches from manchester international festival – a few sketches (yes, images instead of words!) from mif2012.

29. world book night – a few words on why world book night is great.

30. interior lightning – details of a fantastic group exhibition i am involved in.

31. autumn sweater – the least autumnal walk i have had in autumn. bright sunshine and yorkshire hillsides.

32. sometimes in the middle of the night, in that building – where better to start considering sheffield than park hill. does urban splashing brutal modernism really work?

33. fake empire – a year in art – 2011, the year i got into art. a selection of my favourite shows of the year.

34. sky phenomenon – writing on writing being like pictures.

35. too sick to pray: sheffield cholera monument – an enduring monument looking out across the city.

36. museums sheffield : the arts council funding fallout – a consideration of the dark future facing sheffield’s museums and arts after the loss of arts council england support.


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