sky phenomenon

over the past couple of months i have started to experiment with my style of writing, which has recently come to a head. last week i sat down with a typewriter, two sheets of paper, and wrote a story. this is the first piece of fiction which i have written since i was researching for my undergraduate dissertation six years ago. i can place that so well because i can picture the exact moment i last wrote a short story, sat drinking a cup of coffee in a cafe in temple bar before watching a film at the irish film institute. as i finished writing it i realised that i really didn’t enjoy putting the piece together, disliked creating the character, hated the situation which i had placed them in. with that, i moved away from fiction writing.

yet recently i have started to explore what it is about fiction writing i did/do still enjoy. my little brown moleskin of writing has seen a few fleeting glimpse of events or situations hitting the page which have come mainly from my head. last week i sat down, and it happened; for three or four days preceding this i couldn’t get the first few lines out of my head, so i wanted to commit them to paper, but i certainly didn’t expect what happened next. the words kept coming, all of a sudden the situation had an atmosphere, and then there was movement – a story was starting to emerge on the page.

reading it back i realised that the story i had produced was looking a lot like the photographs which i tend to take. i’ve never been one for capturing people and/or places in my photos, and more likely than not they will contain a vast expanse of sky. here are a few examples which have been on this blog before as proof…

on reading back ‘the dam,’ the piece which i had produced, i found that it was full of sky. even at this stage i’m not really sure how many characters there are in the story, but it is quite clear that a moment, an event, has been captured. i’ve found that on my return to fiction writing i have done more to create a sense of place and atmosphere than build personnel, probably not that much of a surprise given the characters who forced this pen down in the first place.

an interesting start to the year, and possibly the start to a new adventure. alongside starting to re-wander down this path, i have been speaking to some other creative types whose work i really admire about their process, so hopefully this recently discovered vein of inspiration will continue to bring forth the goods.


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