race for the prize

i am over the moon to announce that in a town so small has been nominated for two manchester blog awards. i really was not expecting this, and am honoured that people seem to place some kind of value and interest in what is going on over here. i started this blog to capture some thoughts about urban decay, yet it has taken on a personality of its own recently – talking as much about art and architecture as it does songs and whatnot.

i recently wrote a piece about the blog community in manchester for the october/november issue of pull yourself together, and i’m very happy to see that some of the people i wrote about there have also been nominated. in fact, there were only two or three blogs nominated that aren’t already on my rss reader, and i can say for certain that they are now. in particular i’m made up that benjamin, sam and matthew have been recognised for the excellent work they produce.

obviously i am going to take this opportunity to appeal for your vote, as i would be delighted to win. in the twitter based campaign i’m pitching myself as belle and sebastian at the brits awards 1999, and can offer no recompense for your vote other than an off the cuff acceptance speech, general goodwill to all, and possibly a print-based collaboration with one of the other nominated blogs.

head to www.manchesterblogawards.com to see all the nominated blogs, and to vote for me. if you want to come and join the celebration of the terrific online creative community in this city then buy your tickets here for the blog awards on wednesday 20th october at the deaf institute.


4 thoughts on “race for the prize

  1. ps – should i win either of these awards, i will use it as a platform to call for a new category in the 2011 awards. best four box comic strip about a skeleton and a blob of skin based blog. that way flesh and bone will win the award it totally deserves.

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