libraries week

britain’s libraries are under attack. the current coalition government is introducing a range of stringent cutbacks which will see library services at best hampered, at worst destroyed. across the country campaigners are doing all they can to highlight the importance of libraries. i’m doing my small bit to highlight why library services are central to the cultural impact of the uk, both through their services and through their place in our cities.

from monday 7th february in a town so small will be holding a libraries week, with posts every day profiling libraries, pieces about what libraries mean to cities, and with a bit of luck a few guest posts from people who care as much as me about these institutions which can form the heart of a stimulated society.

in defence of the library, with philip pullman
john rylands library, manchester
city library, manchester
the librarian’s dress was a fawnish shade of grey
– the portico library, manchester



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