back home

so i got back from a trip to brazil and peru today. an amazing time was had, photos and a post to come about the lares trek in peru soon. however, this one is about being back in manchester. it is odd how the city welcomes you back in straight away. getting the train up from london gives you a bit of time to get ready, so i listened to a doves album. that finished around about stockport. just enough time to listen to station approach by elbow. i know it is probably overly done, but i find listening to that song as you arrive back in the city is just the right thing to do if you have been away for a while.


having gone home for a bit i needed to pop out to grab things for tea. walking from picc gardens down market street then onto home was brilliant. i stuck on mogwai’s soundtrack to the zidane film (not too dark, maybe a bit more downbeat) and it suited the atmosphere brilliantly. switching from spring in south america to manchester on an autumn/winter night needs postrock. feeling cold, but in a good way, walking around a city you love, i felt like i’d never been away.


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