i went to a nightclub tonight. this in itself is not an odd thing. i love discodancing. however, this was the first time in about three years that i have been to a club which plays PopularIndie (please, please note the semantics of this little section). as someone with a well documented love for indiepop and the fun which is associated with it, this was a bit of an odd experience. though then again, when you are celebrating with a friend who is ace it doesn’t really matter.

my observations all the same.

1) i don’t know how to dance to these songs anymore – whilst i was an undergraduate i all but lived in clubs like this for about 18 months. since then though i have found myself in love with popmusic (with a small ‘p’), and hang out in dirty little clubs where you can dance to the magnetic fields, the housemartins and 80s/early 90s r.e.m. these are the songs i dance to every week, and i will admit that my style of dance has changed as a result. feet are released at the clubnights i like to go to, and as such they take on a large role in my movement – just ask the back left corner of most of my right foot-shoes. that and the release of arms. tonight i realised that in a club packed with kids, i don’t know how to dance to songs like ‘i am the resurrection’ anymore.

mj sums this up far better than me.

2) ‘i am the resurrection’ is a really boring song – even by the standards of the stone roses. why were all the kids having something which looked so much like a religious moment during it. listen to ‘this is the one’ – it is a better song.

3) the golden rule don’t count – when djing i work to the golden rule of no band more than once. i even struggle with the idea of playing hefner and darren hayman & the secondary modern in the same set. this rule does not apply to PopularIndie clubs.

4) black grape – what was all that about? they were shit right?

5) mr. brightside – i don’t know when i last danced to this song with any feeling. if i have danced to it in the last 2 to 3 years it has been in a semi-ironic ‘oh i remember when i used to love this band’ way. well, tonight i remembered how good it is. i did love that first killers album, and for good reason. mr. brightside is a great dancing song.

6) gorillaz – they played a track from the first album. this is a record which i believe needs to be given a second coming (contextual-pun-tastic). i can recall hearing clint eastwood for the first time on the evening session and being really taken aback by where mr. albarn had gone. this was slightly ruined by tracks like ‘dare’ which weren’t all that good. however, i will be re-listening to the first album again very soon.

7) who am i to comment? – if these teenagers want to dance to these songs who am i to comment on it? and if i am to take my twee-er than though attitude, should i not be happy that these kids who normally listen to just mad-chester hits have a place where they also shake their hips to the dandy warhols?


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