sketches from manchester international festival

apologies once again for a lack of updates recently folks. at least i have a good excuse this time – a real grown up job. i have been lucky enough to start work at the hepworth wakefield, an amazing new gallery based in the yorkshire city of wakefield. the gallery has seen over 100,000 visitors within the first five weeks of opening, and is a wonderful environment to be working in. if you haven’t visited yet, i really would suggest coming over. as such, i have been concentrating almost solely on that for the past three months or so, and just haven’t had the time to gather my thoughts otherwise.

if anything was going to force me to start thinking again it was always going to be manchester international festival. i love mif. for a few weeks over the summer manchester becomes the most important arts destination in the world, and mif2011 has upped the game onces again. thus far i have seen damon albarn’s new opera dr.dee, bjork’s stunning multi sensory show biophilia, artangel’s projections exhitbition, lavinia greenlaw’s audio obscura and john gerrard’s infinite freedom exercise. i will also be heading to mediacity to run around like a kid at crash of the elysium, calm down (well, maybe not actually) with wagner’s die walkure and swoon over paul heaton’s poetic popsong the 8th. plus loads of other stuff. oh, and i’m djing at the festival pavilion too (*cough* monday 11th july, come say hello *cough*).

i have decided to keep a sketch book of my mif movements this year. inspired by the creative environment i am now working in, and by a spongelike acquisition of some kind of drawing confidence due to working with people who really can do it, i have tasked myself with keeping a visual rather than written diary. this is a step into the unknown for me. i’m a writer, not an artists. i’ve never been able to draw. my mum has always made fun of the fact that whenever i draw people they have one fat leg and one thin leg. we shall see what happens.

here is a link to the flickr set which i will be updating over the course of the festival. let me know what you think, and indeed what you have seen/done at mif this time round.


One thought on “sketches from manchester international festival

  1. Hey, I love your blog. Fun posts.

    So far for MIF I’ve been to Doctor Who (Fantastic!), Festival Pavilion and Audio Obscura. At that one did you find you were people-watching trying to put faces to the voices? I was matching people to the drama unfolding via the headphones. It was, well, unique and slightly disturbing. I’m not really sure how else to describe it.

    I hope you don’t mind but I’ve added your site to my Manchester blogroll. 🙂

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