autumnal reflections

i’ve not been here in a while. sorry for anyone who reads this blog. i want to write more over here, but unfortunately time gets in the way. i’ve been back down to angel meadow this afternoon and taken some lovely shots which i think really capture what i’m feeling at the moment. i really wanted to put them up here, but don’t have the time to write about them properly as i need to pack to fly to brazil later today. so, given that i don’t really want to make this a purely visual blog, here is the text of my recent piece in pull yourself together. i know, stealing text from my own fanzine isn’t really that bad, but i think it kind of fits here. hope you enjoy the photos and the words if you haven’t already seen them.


Walking around is actually a much under appreciated pastime in a modern culture which is focused very much on the necessity to get things done as soon as possible. Where is the time for meandering around? Why should I go for a walk when I can satisfy an unquenchable need for entertainment and information? Well, here at PYT we are very much in favour of exploring the place you live, which can usually be enhanced by the addition of a great album. So here we suggest a few little walks you could head out on to enjoy the beautiful colours, smells and textures of the wonderful season of autumn.




Firstly up, Manchester City Centre. Since 2006 the Council has had an aim of making Manchester the country’s greenest city, which has seen the planting of a large number of trees in the city centre. Starting out from the Town Hall, head off in any direction that you can see an interesting tree. We’d suggest something by Doves to accompany you round the city centre, probably their debut LP Lost Souls will be best suited to this autumnal wander – Firesuit will set you off with purpose, and by the time you hit The Cedar Room you should already be lost in the music and letting your feet just guide you.



Next up, head out of town towards the beautiful surroundings of Chorlton Water Park. This Urban Countryside is probably the best park in what could be considered ‘central’-ish Manchester. No offence intended towards both Platt Fields and Birchfields Park, both of which we are huge fans of. Chorlton Water Park however has the added benefit of masses of plant and animal life, and seeing the shift in the life patterns of the wildfowl as the trees around them shed their leaves can be hugely fascinating. This trip may well require a couple of records, as it is very easy to lose a few hours sitting and watching, be it the fishermen at work or just the activities of nature. Maybe go with something by The National or American Football for the walking, with the post rock of Explosions in the Sky or A Silver Mt Zion suiting a reflective pause.



Last up is a walk catered entirely to you. Step out of your front door, be it city centre flat, leafy suburbia or stark countryside, and head towards your nearest tree. Have you every really looked at this tree? Maybe you should take a little time to. Try Vespertine by Bjork, or perhaps Is This Desire by PJ Harvey to accompany you. Once you’ve spent some time here, find something else in your locale you don’t usually pause to think about. Could be a post box, could be a dilapidated warehouse, anything at all. Take a little time out from a non-stop lifestyle to get to know where you live. I’ve done this fairly recently, and ended up learning lots.



This text is taken from Issue 2 of Pull Yourself Together. PYT is available all over Manchester and in a number of record shops around the rest of the country. For more info please see 


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