interior lightning

for the past few weeks i’ve been working on a new piece of writing that more than likely isn’t going to appear on this blog. for the first time, i am putting work into a group exhibition called interior lightning, alongside a real mixed bunch of art. i’ll admit, i was feeling like it wasn’t that big a deal until i went into the warehouse we are working in the other day and saw people hanging their work. these guys are artists, i’m just someone who writes some words about going for walks and stuff.

that said, i’m really quite happy with the piece i’ve written, in pursuit of space… i feel like i have introduced a lot of ideas that i’ve been trying to get to grips with for a while to do with notions of space and energy, and placed them into cultural contexts that haven’t come up that often in anything i’ve been reading recently. it has also helped that some of the people i am exhibiting with have been nothing short of amazing, and made me feel like what i’m doing does fit into this show, for which i am hugely grateful.

whilst i’m at home in an art gallery, which i bloody well should be by now as i’m working in one day in day out, being the one whose work people are going there to see is a whole new concept to me. i guess with writing it has always been that i produce a zine or a blog, then it goes out into the world and lives a life. with this i feel very aware that it has my name slapped on it.

anyhow, if you haven’t been over to the hepworth wakefield, the gallery that i’m working at these days, then i suggest you do so over the next 5 days. come to see the gallery, then head one minute round the corner to navigation warehouse for the interior lightning exhibition. it is a real pleasure, and indeed honour, to be involved in this show, and to have my work alongside some of the fantastic pieces which are on display.


3 thoughts on “interior lightning

  1. … and for those of us who can’t make it to the exhibition to read your work, will you be putting it online for our perusal? Or perhaps producing a series of limited edition prints? 😉

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