the first days of spring

i woke up this morning to see that manchester had reverted back to looking a bit overcast, and not massively appealing. which is a shame, as over the past couple of weekends spring has been trying its level best to break through. personally, i’m a massive fan of autumn and winter, which probably makes me forget just how nice the sun is when it comes out. whilst i was walking through the city on saturday afternoon i was struck by how much of a difference the sun makes, with a bit of warmth and the extra light transforming both the atmosphere and the architecture. here are a few photos from the canal bridge by knott bar on deansgate, and all saints park off oxford road, which i shot to try and capture the sunny feeling. i like the ones of with bare trees against the blue sky, kind of an icon of the start of spring. in a few weeks time they will hopefully be covered in blossom and leaves, yet at the moment they are just springing into life.


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