a wondrous place

i am really really excited to let you all know that this week i have been invited to represent the city of sheffield over on the northern spirit theatre company’s ‘a wondrous place’ project. northern spirit is a fantastic company, who are putting together a new work for 2013, and as part of the research for this they have invited some of the best writers from around the north to celebrate where they live, thus entering into a process of finding out what ‘the north’ means as an idea, as a place, and as a community.

i am truly honoured to have been asked to contribute as one of the ‘spirited people with a surprising perspective on places in the north,’ and to be writing alongside folks like natalie bradbury from the shrieking violet, short story writer amy roberts from liverpool and sheffield’s own doodler and writer missy tassles to name but the writers who have come before me – and i know there are great people yet to come! in a very exciting turn of events the whole process was featured on the guardian’s northerner blog last week, and i fully recommend that you head over to the website and check the amazing work that is already up from the past three weeks.

i will be guest curating the website all week, so expect a blend of architecture, music, walking and vague nonsense on a daily basis!


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